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Guiding projects to success.

Trust us to handle every single aspect of your project, including planning, design, engineering, construction, splicing, testing and maintenance.

Well-designed and expertly installed networks.

  • Turnkey Service
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    Our complete suite of services is designed to bring you ease, efficiency and simplicity. Working with a single partner means less time spent managing multiple resources and a reduced risk of price increases, time extensions and quality issues.

  • Design
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    Our experienced designers strategize the most effective way to meet your needs, budget and deadline. We take your idea from a concept to a practical, doable plan.

  • Construction
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    When it comes to construction services, Dixon excels in meeting diverse requirements. We have installed communications infrastructure in every situation imaginable. Whether your project involves underground installations, structures above urban streets or spanning across bodies of water, we have the expertise to deliver. Our skilled team meticulously evaluates the distinctive circumstances of your site, ensuring the utmost security and reliability throughout the construction process.

  • Splicing
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    We recognize the paramount importance of optimal connectivity for the achievement of your project goals. That’s why we have assembled a team of seasoned splicers who possess unparalleled expertise. Utilizing the latest advancements in fusion and testing equipment, we assure you that your cable’s integrity is our top priority.

  • Support & Maintenance
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    We understand the importance of system stability and swift problem resolution during network outages. Our dedicated support and maintenance services are tailored to meet these needs, and our skilled troubleshooting team excels at identifying cable damage locations, ensuring prompt and accurate repairs.

  • Environmental Protection
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    Our turnkey solutions enable us to proactively reduce environmental impacts at every stage of a project. Through meticulous planning that considers all known risks, we ensure an environmentally conscious approach.

“Dixon has provided first rate maintenance and restoration services on Rogers’ Network in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. Over this period Dixon has always demonstrated both the expertise and enthusiasm to rise and to overcome whatever challenges come their way.”

Brent Beaver

Manager North American Fibre Operations, Rogers

“The Dixon team kept me and my Outside Plant Engineering Team fully informed every step of the way, identified risks and issues, and presented well thought out plans to fix problems encountered and options to avoid or mitigate the risks. I would definitely recommend Dixon Networks.”

Peter Fabroni

Senior Project Manager, Ontera / Ontario Northland

“The workmanship of the crew was of the highest quality. They took extra care when restoring the slopes that were disturbed by the work. The conduit attachments to the bridges were installed in a way that indicates the crew is experienced and professional.”

Barry L. Peterson

Utilities Accommodation Engineer, WSDOT

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