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Powering a more connected world.

Delivering innovative communications solutions since 1966, we combine cutting-edge technology, an experienced team and an adventurous approach to even the most challenging projects. By providing our clients with unparalleled service and support, we make exciting, connected futures possible.

Our Specialties:


With expert planning, design, construction and installation services, we’re your trusted partner in realizing new projects and ensuring the integrity of existing infrastructure.


Through high-speed connectivity, Dixon drives economic opportunities, attracting investments, fostering entrepreneurship and enabling digital innovation within communities.


We extend network infrastructure to remote communities. This empowers residents, businesses and public institutions, enabling them to connect, communicate and grow.

Projects big or small, we have you covered from start to finish.

  • Turnkey Service
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    As a one-stop provider, we offer a complete set of services to seamlessly guide your project from inception to completion. With our rigorous project management, decades of experience and technical expertise, we find the most efficient, cost-effective path to success and help you get there with ease.

  • An Expert Team
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    Our management team is composed of experienced professionals with strong business acumen, who bring an intimate understanding of all aspects of design and installation to every project. We recruit team members who are collaborative and driven, and we support their growth into industry leading experts.

  • Progressive, Innovative Thinking
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    We’re committed to delivering the best technology the market offers. We stay ahead of the curve, constantly reviewing new products and methods to ensure our customers benefit from the latest advancements.

  • Ambition & Tenacity
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    Embracing the belief that the impossible is merely an opportunity, we have demonstrated the expertise necessary to scale our operations and successfully complete projects of all sizes, from modest undertakings to large-scale endeavors. 

    For example, we had the privilege to design and build network infrastructure that brought communications and broadcast abilities to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games. Working during all seasons and under tight timelines, we designed and built conduit structures, placed fibre cabling and commissioned connections to many of the Olympic venues specifically built for the games.

    Furthermore, since 2018 we have been engaged in the design and build of a 400-kilometre underground and aerial fibre connection from Prince George to Dawson Creek. We are proud to be a trusted partner in bringing communications to remote locations, through a corridor where no other underground utilities have attempted to go before.

  • Safety First
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    In a spirit of cooperation, training and consultation with workers, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment that exceeds industry standards and provincial regulations. Safety for our people, our communities and everyone we interact with is always our top priority.

  • Strong Relationships
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    We’ve been delivering communications solutions for over five decades, earning the trust of major telecommunications providers and industry partners.

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