Long Lake Towers

Project Details

Location: Stewart, BC

Year: 2018

We headed to the mountainous terrain of Stewart, British Columbia, to splice fibre connections inside power conductors, while they were connected to towers. Accessing the splice locations by helicopter, we achieved this rare feat and ensured the fibre was commissioned within the required specifications.  

The Result

Splicing by Helicopter

The generating station required fibre communication to be connected to their network in order to monitor the power systems and provide internet to its remotely located employees. While fibre and power cables are usually run separately, in this situation a unique solution was implemented due to the challenges of the mountainous terrain. Going section by section, our team members were lowered by helicopter onto the towers, where we secured ladders and spliced the fibre cables within the power conductors, creating one continuous end-to-end connection.

The Process

Reaching New Heights

Completing this project marked the first time this type of power cabling was installed in North America as well as the first time that OPPC fibre connections were spliced in the air. While the risks were numerous, our extensive planning and safety precautions allowed us to successfully and safely execute the project. 

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