Voices of our Customers

Customers are our number 1 priority

What our customers say matters and is why we continue to push beyond their expectations.

“In my opinion, Dixon Networks is the Mike Holmes of the telecommunications infrastructure world.” Peter Fraboni, Ontera/Onteria Northland

“Kiewit Construction would like to commend the efforts of you and your team on this fast-paced, very challenging build in the Seattle area.” Gary Inman, Kiewit Construction

“It is not often that a contractor can come into a community, as Dixon Networks has in Fox Creek, and complete so much excavation without generating any negative comments.” Bernie Hornby, Mayor, Fox Creek

“My staff and I congratulate you on a job well done. Your workmanship and quality of finish work has definitely left an impression. I would highly recommend your firm to other organizations.” Marco Braat, Municipal District of MacKenzie No. 23

“The City of Seattle would like to thank you and your crew for the excellent work…Dixon and its crews are welcome in Seattle any time.” Jenelle Trokey, City of Seattle

“I have written very few letters of thank you in my years working for the City but felt in this case the care and attention of Steve in coordinating the work to the City of Burnaby’s requirements was in need of recognition on my part.” Thomas Zawila, City of Burnaby

“Congratulations on doing a thankless job under adverse conditions in a truly professional manner. And we thank you for the added efforts you have expended.” Tony Ellis, Qwest Network Construction