50 Years of Experience

We have seen and done it all

Throughout the past 50 years in business, Dixon has continued to provide customers with exceptional service and pushed to always be “Best” in our industry.

Some of the milestones of our legacy include:

Company incorporated by the founder, Mr. Richard Dixon, and introduced the first cable plows to British Columbia.

Dixon successfully completed its 1st fibre cable installation in Prince George, BC for BC Rail (Telecom Division).

The company consulted fulltime to BC Tel and placed approximately 4 million feet of underground cable over 3 years.

Dixon contracted its 1st design/build bridge crossing for BC Tel in Barrier, BC; to-date we have completed over 250!

Pioneered turnkey (engineer/construction) services with a 16 km fibre build for BC Rail in 100 Mile House, BC.

Developed proprietary cable pulling equipment for fibre cable installation for BC Rail in Prince George, BC.

Designed, engineered and built proprietary grader plow for placing cable along the railway tracks.

Dixon designed and built the Canadian portion of the 1st cross border fibre link between Vancouver and Seattle for Starcom Fibre Optic Corporation. Purchased the 1st fibre-blowing machines in British Columbia. Dixon placed fibre all the way to Seattle using the new blowing techniques.

The company successfully completed its 1st international contract in Mexico.
Dixon awarded largest design/build contract in its history with MetroNet ultimately covering major builds in four cities.

Dixon crews established a new, world record for fibre blowing for Ledcor Industries and Worldcom in Whittier, Alaska.

Dixon crews constructed the longest, continuous trenches in the history of construction in both the City of Vancouver and the City of Edmonton.

Dixon drawing standards adopted by the Engineering Department of the City of Vancouver as the standards for telecom construction.

Dixon crews successfully completed construction projects in several cities involving multiple jurisdictions (all hailed as exemplary work by clients and local authorities).

Dixon crews successfully completed 180 miles of construction in Washington state (the longest cable installation job to date).

Dixon completed the construction of 50 specialized bridge crossings in Western Washington and Oregon.

Dixon placed fibre optic cable through the City of Calgary LRT system.

Completed a 5 kilometre bridge attachment and fibre placement design build for Rapid Transit from Burnaby to Vancouver, B.C.

Dixon worked with Bell West Inc. to build Alberta SuperNet, a Government of Alberta initiative to link 4,700 libraries, schools, hospitals and provincial government offices in 422 communities across the province of Alberta. The 12,000-kilometre network of fiber optic cable and wireless point-to-point links will also be available to commercial service providers in areas which currently do not have high-speed connectivity options.

Since the beginning of 2004, Dixon crews have completed various splicing and testing projects in the Lower Mainland.

Dixon completed a 2.5 kilometre build in The City of Edmonton as part of the Bell Base Build which included 2 – 50 mm HDPE conduits.

We also completed, for the Bell Base Build, a 153 metre directional drilling project and a 120 metre build for The City of Spruce Grove.

Dixon crews completed a 40 metre directional drill project in Vancouver for Shaw Cable.

Completed an upgrade of Altalinks backbone radio network from analog to digital for SNC Lavalin-ATP/Altalink.

Provided UPS maintenance and repair of critical communications power and control systems for Trans Canada Pipelines.

Installed and commissioned of 36 Nokia ADSL+2 electronics, a demonstration project for TELUS’ Broadband Initiative (the first such installations in Canada).

Completed fibre build for Bell Canada along CN Rail ROW between Vancouver and Whistler in preparation for 2010 Olympic Games.

Completed DC power upgrade of central office for Kenora Municipal Telephone Services, which included design, supply and integration of live DC power system with a modular rectification system, new grounding and distribution.

Bell Canada Olympic Build, all sites in Vancouver and Whistler.

200 Km Design build in Northern Ontario for Ontera in winter conditions.

Placing, and fibre splicing and testing for TELUS in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island in BC for broadband build of TELUS’ fibre-to-the-home initiative.

Dixon completed 13 civil, fibre optic cable placement, and fibre splicing and testing projects in Edmonton this year; construction commenced in mid-June and was completed by October 2012. We completed at total of 16.4 KM of construction and 25 KM of fibre optic cable placement in 4 months.

Installation of small cells (Microcells), Dixon completed many large railway relocates, long haul fibre repair from floods in Calgary, over 660 projects completed in 2013.

Dixon completed GPON Hope/Merritt – Fibre to the Home, Wind Farms throughout North America, Shaw Wifi, Rogers Wireless LTE sites and connecting substations for BC Hydro in Vancouver, 160 km long haul jetting and splicing from Sayward to Port Hardy, over 1100 projects completed in 2014/2015.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

It is not often that a contractor can come into a community, as Dixon Networks has in Fox Creek, and complete so much excavation without generating any negative comments.

Bernie Hornby

Mayor, Fox Creek


My staff and I congratulate you on a job well done. Your workmanship and quality of finish work has definitely left an impression. I would highly recommend your firm to other organizations.

Marco Braat

Municipal District of MacKenzie No. 23