Connecting people together

Create opportunities, improve safety and modernize your municipality

Dixon helps municipalities operate in a faster, more modern way.

Better fibre optic technology means you can connect disparate departments, offer quicker emergency response times throughout the region, and reduce costs.

It means you can offer Wi-Fi in public buildings and boost your revenue by selling high-speed Internet to businesses and residents.

Plus, you can enable site monitoring to improve the security of your facilities.

This is thanks to our turnkey approach, providing you with a full spectrum of fibre optic services – including everything from strategy and engineering, to construction and splicing.

We’ve brought fibre optic technology to many municipalities including the City of Burnaby, City of Kelowna, to many other cities with the Alberta SuperNet and throughout Canada.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

It is not often that a contractor can come into a community, as Dixon Networks has in Fox Creek, and complete so much excavation without generating any negative comments.

Bernie Hornby

Mayor, Fox Creek


My staff and I congratulate you on a job well done. Your workmanship and quality of finish work has definitely left an impression. I would highly recommend your firm to other organizations.

Marco Braat

Municipal District of MacKenzie No. 23