Enabling remote communities

Dixon provides access to all

Fibre optic technology can bring greater sustainability and economic prosperity to your community whether you are near or far from an urban centre.

Every single home, business and organization in your community can have the same advanced Internet infrastructure that major cities enjoy.

We’ll get to know your unique needs. We’ll leverage your local talent and expertise. We’ll offer job training so you can maintain your own network. And we’ll ensure we minimize all environmental impacts.

Our simple, turnkey solution means you’ll get the same exceptional calibre of work from start to finish. This includes strategy, construction, aerial installation, underground installation, civil construction splicing…literally everything your project requires.

We’ve brought fibre optic technology to remote cities all throughout North America.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

It is not often that a contractor can come into a community, as Dixon Networks has in Fox Creek, and complete so much excavation without generating any negative comments.

Bernie Hornby

Mayor, Fox Creek


My staff and I congratulate you on a job well done. Your workmanship and quality of finish work has definitely left an impression. I would highly recommend your firm to other organizations.

Marco Braat

Municipal District of MacKenzie No. 23